Wednesday, July 13, 2011

fourth of july fun

We had an awesome (and busy) fourth of july weekend.  We spent time with family and friends, and of course- watching fireworks.... Henry liked the fireworks much better this year (last year he was terrified)  and said "oh, wow!" to every firework.  Despite the heat and staying up way past our bedtime, it was an awesome 4th filled with happy memories!
having fun "swimming" with Chief and daddy
(we had to purchase this huge lifejacket-swimshirt because
Henry is FEARLESS in the water!)

going to a party to watch fireworks
(considering it was past bedtime and we had been swimming all day,
Henry was a trooper and happy to keep going!) 

watching fireworks
(pregnant mommy and Henry were really WARM!)

fireworks with daddy
(Henry found a new snack at the party that he loves-
Cheese Puffs- hence the giant red cup filled with them!)  

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