Tuesday, July 5, 2011

biggest little helper

Sweetest Henry is in LOVE with helping his daddy.  No matter the job- Henry grabs his tools and RUNS at the chance to "work with daddy."  They truly are best buddies and it is so precious to see. 

mowing with daddy

of course- helping "sweep"- he still loves the broom!
washing his sand toys
(dustin taught him how to make the hose spray!   He was so proud!)
he decided to "wash daddy's car"...
and couldn't resist getting himself totally drenched!  : ) 

daddy worked so hard trimming trees
(it was more than a little "trim")

Henry grabbed his saw and couldn't wait to help!
(I need to post a pic of the front of this shirt from Bev and Rudy- its pretty funny!)
funny shirt from grandma and papa

the boys rented a u-haul for all the debris....
Henry had a hay-day helping load tree limbs!

building a new shelf in the playroom

doing exactly what daddy does!
(dustin is amazingly patient- I think the shelf took
 him twice as long with his "helper" involved!)

my favorite picture....
Henry wanted to take a break from building for a "kiss"  : )
we love daddy and appreciate ALL you do!  

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