Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This Christmas was awesome- witnessing the joy of Christmas this year though Henry's eyes was amazing.  Wonderful sweet memories...
 heading to church

funny little reindeer

Henry and Emory made gingerbread houses Christmas Eve : )
Opening a gift on Christmas Eve with Chief.

A reaction like this makes
this best $4 I have ever spent.  

Loving his legos! 

Crazy about his new bubbles
(trying to get the wand in his mouth!)

Funny picture- trying to swallow bubbles! : )

Rediscovering his gifts after nap-time!

My grandma wanted Henry to have sweaters in several sizes so he would
always have a homemade sweater to wear.  This one finally fits.
Grandma would be thrilled.... 

So happy with his new toys from Chief and Nonnie!


  1. These pictures are so wonderful! I love the sweater--that is too sweet!!

  2. The happiest boy ever - love his huge smile in all the pictures! XO