Friday, December 24, 2010

best birthday ever.

My birthday was Friday and it had to be among my favorites.  Dustin took Friday off work and we took Henry to Northpark to see all the Christmas decorations- he was in awe and we were in awe just watching his reactions.  From Santa to the trains to the ducks and fountains that he has seen a million times (and seems to love more each visit) he was overwhelmed!  My family gave me a wonderful "family party" on Friday night and I am fairly certain that Henry and Emory thought the party was for them!  Dustin and I then headed to Ft Worth for the rest of the "birthday weekend" sans Henry (thank you Bev and Rudy for babysitting) - we had the BEST weekend away!  I have to say, Dustin made my 30th birthday remarkable.  He worked so hard in planning the most special birthday ever and I loved every single second.....
enthralled by the puppet show

the boys shopping

(this is my favorite)- he was FASCINATED with the fountains
like he had never seen them before!  : )
Henry was really excited about the trains!!!!
(maybe we have another future BN employee??? 5th generation!!!!) 

Emory and Aunt "Coco" at the family party

Emory is really excited about blowing "our" candles!

happy birthday to all THREE of us  : )
night out in ft worth!  

horse drawn carriage ride- I have always wanted to do this!  

beautiful views from the carriage...

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