Thursday, March 8, 2012


I am amazed that I have had the same best friend for TWENTY years.  Yes, 20 years.  Incredible.  I am so blessed. And so fortunate that we are walking this stage of life together as all our children are so close in age.
Henry LOVES his Ellie.  We talk about Ellie all day.  We save toys to play with for when Ellie comes over and point out tiny pink things while shopping for "Ellie's two baby sisters."  Love it.  Love our bfs!
Owen and the twins, Brooke and Brynn

paining with shaving cream

Ellie is so adorable

Hugs with mouthfuls of snacks!  : ) 

sweet Ellie went along with Henry to "trim trees"  and to "dig in the mulch"

squirt bottles were a favorite

Owen was a little sweet on Brynn (chewing on her hand)  : ) 

favorite group photo  

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