Sunday, March 4, 2012


5 am and everyone in mommy and daddy's bed!  :  )

cutest breakfast date.  ever.  mommy, henry and hippo.

putting Ellie's necklaces on for her.  so sweet. 

love that baby belly!   5 months and 19 pounds!!!!

insists on scooting all the way down to put animals in his mouth.... 

happy baby

just pure joy... 

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  1. OMG court, i am just getting caught up on your precious blog! you're so good for keeping up with it! this pic above of the baby belly on little owen is the CUTEST! my favorite! olive is 9 months and only weighs 19 lbs! would love to see ya'll. we have a busy next month and i know ya'll are going out of town sometime. but SOON! also LOVE the children's museum too! so fun . my niece and sis in law just went and it looked fun!