Thursday, January 12, 2012

what a week!

Sweet little Owen has had a rough go lately.  Poor angel was at Cooks Children's this last week with rsv, bronchiolitis, double ear infections, and fevers of almost 105.  He was such a trooper..... love this boy and cant wait for him to be feeling 100%.  
in the Emergency room.  looks so pitiful  : (
(hardest thing watching him go through-
several iv's, tons of bloodwork, a catheter,
all sorts of monitors, shots, scans,
x-rays, oxygen....)  

they had his room set up with everything sized for a three-month old.
Little did they know he is quite the butterball and everything was a bit small.  
love the tiny t-shirt  : )  Gave us all a much needed smile.
(somehow still he is managing to smile!??!!)
one of countless breathing treatments

watching Ellen.....
no matter where we walked in the room, he would follow Ellen on tv.
i should send this in.  : )
owen's favorite nurse, tanya.
he charmed ALL the nurses...
takes after his big brother.  : )

relieved to be wire-free!  : )


  1. oh my gosh… this breaks my heart. sweet little thing. so thankful all is well. what a blessing.

  2. Hope he is at 100% soon! Poor little guy! Loving the tiny tee though - what a cute chunkster :)

  3. oh poor owen, so sorry he had to go through that and ya'll. sure it was VERY hard to watch! love ya'll