Saturday, December 31, 2011

merry christmas

We had an incredible Christmas.  I was so happy for it to be Christmas day but also sad to see the season come to an end.  We have had the best time seeing the wonder and awe in sweet Henry when it came to anything (and everything) Christmas related.  He genuinely seemed to understand the true meaning of Christmas this year and that was the most amazing gift any of us could have asked for.... It truly was a magical Christmas.
visiting another santa (yes, he asked this
 santa for a "brand new popcorn maker" as well)  : ) 

just the sweetest.  hugs for mrs. claus as well

at my parents's house after Christmas Eve church

Christmas morning

he insisted on wearing his gloves to open EVERY gift...
he then got out his tools and used them as well.
Gift opening lasted a good long while.  : )
his favorite gif was a .99 cent phone in his stocking 
excited about his remote control car


my sweet baby boys... truly amazing day.

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