Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween was amazing.  Henry is at the best age where he is so excitable.  To say that he loved trick-or-treating is an understatement.  He put his costume on again at 6 this morning, stood by the door and said he was ready to go trick-or-treating!  He dressed as a construction worker (so fitting for him!), wore his hard hat with a light on the front, put his candy in his wheelbarrow, and wore all his favorite tools on his tool belt.  One of my favorite happenings of the night was when someone asked him if he was a big brother now.  He looked at the woman like she was crazy and said "No I am not.  I am a construction worker."  : )  Owen was a good sport.  He went as an owl and was a neighborhood favorite!  
little owl owen 

a wee bit excited!  

henry enjoyed the houses that were "self-serve"-
he took his time and made his selections very carefully!

sweet owen- slept through most of the excitement...

henry in heaven- a wheelbarrow full of candy!  

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  1. oh that little construction worker! he is the best! love the first side shot of him and what a perfect way to collect candy, in your wheelbarrow of course! owen is a precios owl!
    love you guys and they look great with those pumpkins at the patch as well.missed you at angies shower. hope you're feeling better.