Monday, August 1, 2011

sea world

We just returned from a fabulous weekend at Sea World in  San Antonio. I must admit, before we left, I was feeling like we were a bit crazy for attempting Sea World during this insanely record breaking hot Texas summer while battling the crowds of people on summer vacation- all while being 8+ months pregnant.  Well, I was feeling like we had really lost our minds when we pulled up to Sea World on Saturday morning and it was pouring down rain (of course I was wearing white), we had no towels or umbrellas, and our stroller had the worst flat tire-making it a lopsided nightmare to push.  : )  Henry was unfazed with the rain (although slightly confused) and was beyond excited to "see Shamu" and "see dolphins splash at Sea World!!!" We were totally DRENCHED before we even entered the park but the rain didn't last too long and kept us cool (at one point that morning we even contemplated buying sweatshirts!  Glad we didn't as it warmed up to a nice 130 degrees!!!  (obviously not really 130 but it was so HOT!)).  We had a full, fun day- We saw a Sesame Street show, fed Sea Lions, watched the famous Shamu show and a Sea Lion show, played with dolphins, saw penguins- we did it ALL!  At one point during the day I looked over at Henry sitting on Dustin's shoulders- his mouth was wide open and his eyes were the size of silver dollars- my eyes welled up with tears and I thought "this is SO worth it." So worth all the time, the travel, the money, the heat, the swelling : ).... All to see the look of awe and wonder on his precious little face! : ) 
going into the park in the rain!


LOVED the sea lions!

sea lions

feeding sea lions (Henry's favorite!)

hugging the sea lion

meeting an "otter" : ) 

rare family photo

loving the sea lion show!

the Shamu show was incredible

henry shared his mom's love of dolphins...

so much that he wanted "in the water!" 

we stayed on the riverwalk... hard to believe this will be our last
get-away as a family of THREE!

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  1. that looks so fun! and makes me want to take a family vaca soon! ;)
    you look beautiful… hope you're feeling well! xoxo