Monday, June 20, 2011

best daddy ever.

Henry (and his new baby brother) are blessed with the best daddy ever.  Whenever he is near, everyone is happier....  It is impossible not to smile from ear to ear when Dustin is around.  Henry absolutely lights up when he sees "daddy" and cant wait until "five o'clock" (as he says) when daddy gets home from work.  So- Happy Fathers Day, Dustin!  Thank you for the JOY you bring our family. We love you and thank God everyday for you and the man you are....
LOVING the splash park with Daddy!
(Henry was this excited in EVERY picture I took!!!!)

daddy is hilarious!

thankfully daddy didn't mind getting wet!
(he was the only adult in the water!)  : ) 

dumping buckets were a favorite!  

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