Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Petting Zoo Fanatic! : )

Henry and I went to visit the petting zoo at my mom's school the other day.  Henry was (by far) the most excited child there.  I thought maybe he would be a little apprehensive and want to hold my hand or something.  Nope.  He was busy- petting, brushing, feeding, and hugging every animal that he could get his hands on.  (wish I had my "real" camera.  my Iphone photos are never great)
petting the "animals"
(the word "puppy" has been replaced with "animals")
brushing the goats
(he then used this brush to brush his own hair and face)
feeding the goats hay
(have no idea where he learned to do that)
in awe of the giant cow (or "moo" as henry says)
Henry participating in the "big" kids' lesson
hugs for the baby goats
....and of course, no series of photos is complete
without a picture of Henry with a broom.  : )
(no matter where we go or what we are doing-
he ALWAYS finds the broom!)

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