Thursday, January 27, 2011

Funny Pics

Sorry for the confusion and deleting old posts.  I ran out of memory on the blog..... Anyway, I think we are in good shape now.  Here are some funny random pictures of Henry.  He is so funny and keeps a smile on my face.  Love this baby boy!
Henry adores hats!

Peanut butter or "dip" as Henry calls it!  : ) 

delightful mess!

Sneaking candy in the bathroom corner....
(love the mischievous smile!)

painting a Christmas ornament.... 

Obsessed with his "sinta hat."
He is still wearing it and its the end of January.
(and of course, he is pictured with his beloved broom!)

We recently got a new shelf- Henry thinks it is a fort of somekind.
He is constantly playing on the bottom shelf.
Good thing the shelf is about a million pounds and bolted to the wall. : ) 

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