Friday, November 19, 2010

What a Weekend!!!!

I am so behind- I have so many pictures to post!  Seems like since moving to Keller we have been incredibly busy, which is great- we are so happy we have made new friends and we are surrounded by our oldest and dearest friends and family! I figured I should post last weekend's pictures since we are about to hit the weekend again!  Where does the time go?  Henry was invited to his sweet friend Easton's first birthday party on Saturday afternoon at Gymboree and he had a ball!  Then on Saturday night Emory came over for a sleepover- the babies did great and went to bed without a sound.  I think all the playing they did tired them out!  On Sunday afternoon we had a birthday party for Ashley (my sister) and then a playgoup party that night with the dads (food, drinks, and the cowboys game added to the fun!).  The dads loved getting to see the boys play together and see what the moms do every week!  Wow, I am exhausted after typing all that.  Hopefully this weekend will be a little more relaxing....
Parachute at Gymboree with Henry's buddy Preston...
Happy Birthday, Easton!

Hugs from Emory at their sleepover!

"Snack Box"  : ) at the our playgoup party (love how it is ALL boys!!!)
And the highlight of Henry's weekend... a baby-sized broom
He LOVES all things sanitization! (trash cans, mops, buckets) 

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  1. oh court i love the broom smile on that little face!!!!!!
    what a helper he is going to be to you...
    and love that tshirt with the printed pens and glasses!
    love you guys!
    thinking about you!