Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nash Farms

We had a fantastic weekend at Nash Farms in Grapevine.  You will have to forgive me for the excessive pictures but I couldn't resist- so many adorable photo-ops!  : )  There was so much to do at Nash Farms- pony rides, a petting zoo, goats and cows to milk, tractor rides, a garden to plant and water, sack races, games, home made ice cream, a giant barn to visit (Henry loved the barn).... The petting zoo was Henry's absolute favorite part of the day; he went crazy for all the animals!    I thought he would be apprehensive about being in a pen with animals that were  bigger than him but it was the other way around.  He jumped right in there and and started petting, hugging, kissing, and pulling the ears and tails of all the animals.
(unfortunately our big camera died as we walked into the petting zoo- terrible timing!  Good thing I had my iphone for backup!)
Henry and mommy- ready for the farm!

Henry couldnt get enough of the cows!

Talking to the cows.... 

sweet sheep (just before he started pulling the ears!)

He liked how little the goat was!

He gave this goat lots of hugs and kisses!  (thank goodness we brought Purell)

He so badly wanted to get IN the fenced area with the horse!

Henry with his new buddy the sheep!

Henry and Daddy in the barn.

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