Friday, July 23, 2010


We had such a busy Thursday!  We went to playgroup in Dallas and had a great time- always fun to visit with friends and Henry loves playing with his baby friends.  Again, Henry cried during the group picture.  We have just come to expect it.  I was ready with a pacifier and a toy this time and he still cried hysterically.  O well.  We stopped in to visit a friend on the way home... Love our Dallas friends!
Henry took a good nap in the car and was ready for more fun when we got home!  So, we met his BF Ellie  at the pool! Had so much fun swimming and got a couple funny pictures!

sad henry

babies watching slideshow of themselves


  1. Henry looks adorable in his little swim suit! I LOVE IT!

  2. that's what my belly feels like...hang over!
    no, i love them!
    love that he ALWAYS cries in the group pictures. how funny...too cute in swim trunks!