Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nine Months

Although I am behind on my posts, I figured I should post "nine months" before Henry turns ten months (which is right around the corner!).  Time is flying.  I cant get over it.  We recently saw the doctor for his nine month check-up and all went well.  He is as healthy as can be.  Henry is 22 pounds and almost 30 inches tall, making him too tall for the infant car seat.  News that almost made me cry- he is getting so big so fast!!!! Wish I could stop time...

admiring the baby in the mirror!

kissing the baby in the mirror! : )

 (i love that he gives kisses now!!!!)

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  1. omg with his hair he SO looks like a little man already! i love you henry. my sister-in-law is probably going to have her baby TODAY!