Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!

We spent Easter weekend in Winchester, IL.  Grandma Little's birthday is April 8 so all of the grandkids, spouses and children went to Winchester to surprise her.  She was delighted to see everyone and we were happy to be there to celebrate.  We went to Catholic mass Easter Sunday followed by a giant Easter egg hunt....
Adorable Easter basket from Aunt Mary...
Thank you, Mary!  You are so kind!

We all loved spending time with Aunt Mary, Uncle Adam and Cousin Alex!

Ready for Catholic mass!  (to everyone's surprise- Henry did exceptional during service!!!!)

Henry with Grandma and Grandpa Almaguer... Sweet photo!

Henry and Grandpa snuggling... (Henry's new thing is that he loves to snuggle- he will rest his head on your face, chest or shoulder.  So precious!)

After all the Easter festitivites, Henry was exhausted!  We had to sneak one last photo with the birthday girl!  Happy Happy Birthday Great-Grandma Pat!  We love you and were so happy to be there to celebrate with you!!!!

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