Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ft Worth

We had a great time in Ft Worth on Saturday.  We initially went to look at houses and neighborhoods but ended up outside enjoying the pretty, sunny weather.  Dustin thought it would be fun to take Henry to the Kimball Art Museum.  Hilarious.  Thinking that the stroller would be too large (considering they wouldnt let me take in my baby bag, I cant imagine that the stroller would be welcome) Dustin wore the Baby Bjorn.  Henry LOVED it!  He talked and laughed non-stop.  The "arty" people at the museum were none to pleased with his vocals so we made it a very quick trip.  : )  Love time with this precious little family of mine!

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  1. That top picture is soooo precious!!! They both look like they are having the time of their lives! Thanks for posting all the amazing pictures and helping me smile EVERY day!! You are the BEST!

    Love you,