Friday, February 26, 2010

Precious Moments

The last couple of days Henry has decided to skip napping altogether.  Yes, this is unheard of for a baby his age.  I have tried holding him, putting (and leaving him) in his crib, swing, car/car seat.  Nothing.  He just wants to play.  Anyway, this makes for a very fussy baby come 7:00 at night.  The other night we couldnt get him to stop crying (this is incredibly rare for him).  Dustin and I were both out of ideas, so I went to the kitchen and started making a bottle.  Within a few minutes the crying stopped.  Shocking.  I went in to see what happened and found the most precious sight--  Dustin was cuddling baby Henry and singing ever so sweetly.  Within minutes Henry was sound asleep.  Precious moments.....

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